Freshman Q/A


Provided by Matt D.

Freshman Matt D. Playing Lacrosse

Daniel Farrow, Staff Reporter

Freshman Matt Draeken answers questions about transitioning to in-person classes, acclimating to the high school experience, and his opinions on his first year at Vandegrift.

Q: What was your initial impression of Vandegrift before you came to campus?

A: Initially, I was a little nervous because it was a lot bigger environment, but I got comfortable very fast.

Q: Do you prefer the block scheduling of high school or going to all classes every day like in middle school?

A: [I like] block scheduling, because it makes it way easier to learn and keep track of work.

Q: Coming from online school to in person at a much larger school, was there any difficulty acclimating to the environment?

A: Not really, I would call myself somewhat of a social person, so I fit in pretty well.

Q: What are your overall thoughts about your freshman year?

A: So far, freshman year has been pretty easy, and I have had a good time.

Q: What’s one goal you have for your sophomore year?

A: During sophomore year, I want to get a little out of my comfort zone and also keep my grades steady and in check.