‘Wooly’ tough competition: FFA hosts Olympic games in agriculture barn

Seiya Mutreja and Dayna Ung

The Future Farmers of America met during the third week of September for their ‘FFA Olympics’ in order to involve people into their club and show what FFA has to offer. Through fun games and team building activities in the Agriculture barn, they believe they have built a community within their club. Junior, Kaya Kinsey, is the Vice President of FFA.

“FFA is probably the best club that I’ve ever been a part of,” Kinsey said. “And I think being a part of it is one of the best choices that I’ve made.”

During the competition, there were 5 events. These included obstacle courses, blindfold racing, various relays, a piggyback barrel race, and pallet pulling. Whichever team won the most events and points was given a candy prize.

“I enjoyed barrel racing,” Kinsey said. “I thought it was funny because these dudes were piggybacking on top of each other and were running around.”

The FFA olympics was planned a couple weeks prior to the actual event. In order to involve team building exercises and fun games, they went to different media platforms for inspiration. 

“My officer team and I had a bunch of meetings to prepare and get ready for the FFA Olympics,” Kinsey said. “We planned out each event, what we wanted to do and then we came up with a bunch of ideas by looking on Pinterest and Facebook groups.”

Despite their previous planning, Kinsey’s team of officers came across a few challenges. Kinsey said that even though the event was lighthearted and fun, it made controlling the crowd an issue.

“It was a fun, more informal event,” Kinsey said.  “And when we were trying to compete with each other, it was kind of hard to get people to quiet down.”

Even through the challenges the group faced, Kinsey said there were several highlights throughout the event. She said this competition was filled with many memorable moments and had a great time putting it together as well as competing.

“I think the overall highlight was getting everyone involved because we had such a good turnout,” Kinsey said. “I thought it was so much fun and I really hope the people who were competing in it had a lot of fun as well.”

Overall, Kinsey describes the FFA as an extremely fun and educational club. She said that if someone is at all interested in this area of study, she would definitely recommend this club.

“If someone was thinking about joining FFA, I would definitely say that FFA is an amazing club for opportunity,” Kinsey said. “There are so many wonderful things that you can do with it.”