Students’ feelings about testing in person again


Maleen Smith

Students in Spanish class getting back into assignments for the school year.

Gabriella Sevieri, Staff Reporter

  Online learning was a different style than what many students were used to. For a lot of students, it was easier, but some had a harder time than others. 

     School can be stressful, and a lot of students may be feeling an overwhelming amount of emotions about being back in person and getting back into a routine. Everyone has different worries for coming back to school, and one of those worries is being stressed about testing.

     Last year, students were able to use their class assignments and notes on most tests. But this year, the teachers are not going to be as lenient about using resources.

     “I have some testing anxiety for this year because lately,” sophomore Parmis Yaghmaie said, “I haven’t been in a good study routine. I was used to being able to use resources on tests last year because we were online.”

     Last year, there was an increased chance that an issue could arise that was out of the students control, whether it be wifi problems, a broken camera, a broken microphone, etc. This year, students don’t have problems like that and will have to start getting back into studying techniques. 

     “I’m definitely worried about the amount of work teachers are going to give out this year,” freshman Anya Bhandari said. “In my opinion, they already have given a lot out, but I have been getting into a good work schedule.”

     Something students should think about this year, as they get back to practicing strong study habits, is the environment that they study in. Last year, there were more chances that students would have to study in a noisy environment while working. 

     “Recently, I have thought about the place of study for myself and how I want to surround myself while getting ready for a test,” Yaghmaie said. “I want to be in a more calm environment where I am able to listen to music and be by myself.”

     Last year, tests took place mostly digitally, on either GoFormative or Google Forms, which was difficult for some math and English assessments. But it seems that students are trying their hardest to get prepared for this coming year now that they’re back at school. 

     “I think a good thing for studying is a study group,” Bhandari said. “I’ve made a lot of friends in my classes and talking about the content with them makes me remember it better. If you’re talking about a concept more, you obviously learn to understand it and that’s what you need, to do well on a test.”

     Students seem to be coming back to school with excitement and a willingness to work on their assignments and tests. Some may be more stressed than others, but it seems that most are open to getting back into their studying habits.