Texas Wrestling Coach of The Year

Head wrestling coach at Vandegrift recieved Texas wreslting coach of the year.

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Head wrestling coach at Vandegrift recieved Texas wreslting coach of the year.

Callen Nutt, Staff Reporter

This was a unique year for Vandegrift Wrestling Coach Paul Muck: he was awarded Coach of the Year in the state of Texas. Typically the award is given at the state meet. They didn’t do it this year because COVID, so they announced it the Monday following the state meet.

Muck has been at Vandegrift for six years, perfecting and fine tuning the program. Careers have highs and lows, but according to Muck it was all highs with this program.

“Yeah, there’s not many lows,” Muck said. “I mean I enjoy what I do and probably the toughest thing was starting the program from scratch in Georgetown. That’s probably the hardest thing is introducing people from zero to trying to get them to wrestle.”

Because Muck has built this program from the ground up, there are some players that have left their mark on him and the program.

“Obviously when I went to the state final that’s kind of the highest of the last year with Sloan and a few years ago with Noah Batsford,” Muck said. “I mean those are kind of the highest any team championships. Regional team championships are pretty cool too.”

Coaching awards reflect mostly the coach but also the impact they have on the players. Do they have a strong understanding of the sport? Are they good at communicating? Do they leave their mark? Senior Rhett Litzau has had coach Muck since his freshman year and believes that Muck has indeed impacted his athletes in a beneficial way.

“Coach Muck has helped me to push my limits as an athlete and to get out of my comfort zone,” Litzau said. “He taught me what true toughness was and how hardwork has direct results.”

Even if his students believe that their success comes from Muck’s instruction, the coach places all credit on his athletes.

“I always tell the kids whenever I win coaching awards it’s because of them,” Muck said. “It’s a reflection of them too–the kids obviously make you look good. The kids here let me push them real hard and they work really hard and so when they achieve greatness, that makes people think that I’m doing something extra when it’s really the kids.”

Regardless of who “deserves” the award, Muck has proven his dedication to the program and his athletes.

“I absolutely believe Coach Muck deserved the award,” Litzau said. “He has a special connection with his athletes and he gets the best out of all of us.”