COOL Experience Year

Callen Nutt, Staff Reporter

For the past five years, Vandergrift has been offering seniors the opportunity to get themselves involved in different job sites to familiarize themselves with what they might be interested in in the future. This could be through the school or through a parent or sibling. They are allowed to job shadow and intern the entire week to learn more about the job. This year it has changed instead of solely seniors being allowed to participate all grade levels are able to over the course of the entire year rather than a single week.

“So this year, unlike the other years all grade levels can participate in most of them,” College and Career Transition Counselor Sarah Spradling said. “That’s what I’m most excited about is it’s not just restricted to seniors, even a freshman who’s thinking they don’t really know what electives they want to take next year could participate.”

Students are able to connect via Zoom lecture or in person. The lectures can be recorded over Zoom for students that aren’t able to make it.

“The COOLl On Location is kind of going back to our original old school model, where we would love to still be able to say, you know, if you had your own contacts like if your dad was like ‘hey come to work with me for a day and shadow’,” Spradling said. “We will also be hosting COOLwebinars. Personally, I think it takes out the intimacy because it would just be like a one-way delivery of information, and then students or whoever’s participating could interact via the Q&A.”

“I think they are really great to confirm your interests or look into different careers,” senior Chaeyun Lee. “Our webinar host was extremely willing to share her enthusiasm towards her profession.”

The opportunity that is available to all students now even during COVID-19 is so abundant. Even from home, you can involve yourself in careers that could interest you.

“We can have more opportunities for all students and not just be restricted to just one group,” Spradling said. “I think it’s really valuable because just like anybody you don’t really understand what your job is until you go and get into a company and you see what it’s like.”