The Perfect Date movie review

xanatha dowden, staff reporter

The perfect date is a 2019 Netflix original. Directed by Chris Nelson. Stars in this film are
Noah Centineo, Laura Marano, Camila Mendes, Odiseas Georgiadis, and Matt Walsh. The movie was shot in new Orlands finishing the filming April 10, 2019.

Senior Brooks Rattigan is trying to get into his dream college, Yale, but he is considered the ”poor kid” his dad Charlie wants him to go to the University of Connecticut, where Brooks has a full ride. Brooks works at a sub shop with his best friend Murph who is a computer/ app designer. After taking a job of escorting rich kid Reece’s cousin Celia Lieberman and getting paid he and Murph decide to make an app for being a stand-in and going on non-sexual dates to help him get money for college. He could be whatever the girls want him to be, he would be the perfect guy, but after falling for Shelby the rich pretty girl at Celia’s school he makes it his goal to win her over. When he realizes that he’s lost himself in being different perspectives of himself he also loses everyone who cares about him. After a long journey of finding himself will he end up with the girl of his dreams or lose everyone including himself?

A perfect dates soundtrack includes a lot of indie pop. This soundtrack artist includes The Killers, Yuno, and our very own actress Laura Marano who plays as Celia in the perfect date. This soundtrack helps the watchers feel the way Brooks feels from this upbeat happy moods to his realization of himself. Plus with all the dances the rich people good too maybe you’ll consider some for yourself.

The Actors in this movie for perfect I couldn’t think of anyone else to pull off Celia’s personality and her black combat boots other then Laura Marano she was the perfect “weird girl”. Noah Centineo is the latest romantic comedy heartthrob. In the movie, he let his comedian sideshow from being a Non-sexual escort to falling for a girl who was there the whole time.