Juniors take their first English Departmental Exam in English

Delilah Woods, Newspaper Staff

Junior ACC dual credit students will file into the lecture hall to take their English departmental exam tomorrow. The first of many, this exam is expected to take four hours and will be primarily based on the writing skills of the students.


As of Wednesday, students have already written two essays compiling a total of 1,500 words. In the exam tomorrow students will have to write, by hand, 600 words to meet the expected word count while testing.


“In general I think the students are prepared,” ACC English professor Amanda Castro said. “Because of extensive practice and oral practice, in class discussions, and analysing texts throughout the semester.”


Taking a college-level course in high school is more rigorous than an on-level high school English class according to many students. However, the transition is cushioned by the support the students have built within their classmates.


“Other students and I remind each other of upcoming assignments to keep each other on top of the game,” junior Sarah Whitworth said. “Sometimes we have study sessions at Black Walnut  , but that’s usually just for ACC history.”


ACC professors have prepped their students for this kind of pressure they will face during the exam. The professors conduct practice essays and oral debates that give students the opportunity to verbally and factually defend the claims of a given essay that the teacher chooses for the lesson.


If students do not feel prepared for the exam just yet they do not have to take it tomorrow. Students need to complete the exam by Nov. 18 at an ACC campus. Students must bring an ACC ID to register for testing and must schedule a testing appointment with whichever campus the student intends on testing at.


“I think I can do it,” junior Samantha Reynoso said. “We’ve been writing a lot of different types of essays and I think they’ve prepared us for the exam.”