French Club elects new officers


The Election

Priya Gregerson, Co-Editor

French Club held its election for the the current school year on Sept. 20. The members elected Edward Lu as president and Joshua Alexander as vice president .


“Last year you really just showed up, it was just PIT in the annex, we played like a trivia game, that was it,” newly elected President Edward Lu said.  This year I’m going to start off with a structure, maybe like a word of the day. Have an actual organized club event.”


Last year, French club didn’t have a set activity or centralized goal and it struggled to have structure and substance when it was almost ‘hidden’ within the annex building. Lu and Alexander are collaborating on improving the structure of the club, as both agree that the club needs to be more organized.


“We want to change not having any schedule for the meetings and just showing up, that didn’t really work for us last year,” newly elected Vice President Joshua Alexander said. “We’re are probably going to have to plan out a calendar so we know when to meet with each other.”


Lu has two friends that live in Europe who speak fluent French. He has decided to introduce a pen-pal system into the club. The members will come up with 10 questions as a club to ask the pen-pals.


Even though Lu and Alexander won the election, they had other competition. For some members like Alexander Beaucamp, getting an officer role was a serious objective.


“I had a lot of ideas for French club,” sophomore Alexander Beaucamp said. “I feel like this year we have the member base and we have the seriousness to be able to get to somewhere higher than watching ‘Ratatouille.’ I wanted to take French club to another level.”


“Edward has two pen pals. He wanted to introduce them to French Club. I think it’s a pretty good idea. He says he talks to them about French memes, which I thought was funny.”


Although Alexander Beaucamp did not win the election, he is still a club member. This will be his second year as a member of French club.


“I enjoy the fun we have as a group,” Beaucamp said. “We get along really well. We’re really good at being encouraging with each other and having fun in general. French Club is just a really fun part of the things I do.”


With the year just starting, the future of French club is unknown. However, Lu and Alexander plan to  continue improving the club throughout the year in order to make it a better place.


“We all have a fun time over there, the more the merrier, we definitely want to teach more people about French,” Lu said. “There’s not enough people taking French. We want to convert some Spanish kids.”