Vandegrift introduces 2019 student section leaders

Hallie Locke, Social Media

All student section eyes will be on seniors Peyton Klam, Andrew Pena and Maicol Salazar tomorrow as they lead the student section at the game against Cedar Park.

“This year we can’t wait to get the crowd hype,” senior Maicol Salazar said. “We’re excited to be on the field for a lot of the games and I think that’s a fun place to spend our last year supporting our team.”

At the beginning of every season, the assistant principals pick three to four people from the senior class to help lead the student sections at each football game. The students either asked to be considered for the role, or were asked to do it by one of the APs.

“I was picked by Mr. Hasse last year before he moved to a different school,” senior Peyton Klam said. “You basically have to go up to an assistant principal and audition and ask to be considered as a student section leader. After I asked Hasse, he cleared it with the other APs and made sure it was okay with them for me to do it. He found me in the hallway about two weeks later and told me that they had picked me to be one of the leaders.”

The three leaders see this as a fun opportunity to show how much school spirit they have and are lucky to be considered for the job.

“I wanted to be a student section leader since my first football game as a freshman,” senior Andrew Pena said. “They always looked like they were having so much fun and we’re proud to be apart of the student section as a leader.”

The leaders do many things to get the student section engaged in the game. They lead the crowd in chants and yells to get the crowd pumped it, and hopefully the team too.

“As a student section leader we make sure the student section is running smoothly,” Klam said. “We make sure everyone is doing the right thing and being respectful to the other team. Most importantly our main goal is to help our team out and keep them excited to play their hardest.”