Love, Simon Review

Harshita Avirneni, Spotlight Editor

Love, Simon is a romantic-comedy drama film directed by Greg Berlanti, written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, that touches on teenagers coming to age and dealing with their sexuality. This movie stars Nick Robinson as Simon Spier, Jennifer Garnes as Emily Spier, Josh Duhamel as Jack Spier and Katherine Langford as Leah Burk.

This movie centers around Simon, who is hiding the big secret about himself from his family, friends and all of his classmates. When his secret, that he is gay, is threatened by another classmate, Simon must come to terms with who he is and face everyone. Love, Simon is a beautifully written and directed film which has complex characters and compelling plot.

The characters in the movie are very diverse, having very strong likeable or unlikeable personality traits. Robinson’s character, Simon, is very sweet and likeable but another character Martin (Logan Miller) is very unlikeable and wants to fit in. The diversity of the character’s personality also shows how everyone in the world is very different but it also shows how these different personalities are sometimes not accepted by society and how everyone, in their own way, is trying to fit into society.

The plot is very captivating since all the characters have conflicts throughout the film but they are all tied into the biggest conflict Simon faces with his secret. Along with these conflicts, there is also a love story that develops between Simon and another classmate who is also gay but unknown. Throughout the film, Simon tries to figure out who this unknown person is through emails and it is finally revealed in the end. This movie does an excellent job setting the scene at the beginning of the movie by showing the normal routine of Simon’s daily life and coming back to that same normal routine with no burden of secrets.

Overall, Love, Simon is an entertaining and fascinating movie that I recommend to everyone. There was nothing that I would have changed about how this movie was written or filmed. The actors fit the characters perfectly and the movie was simply perfect. I have seen it once but hope to see it again soon. I rate Love, Simon a 5/5 stars.