Entomology team places second in Cy Creek invitational

Peyton Klam, Staff Reporter

The Vandegrift FFA entomology team competed in the Cy Creek Invitational CDE contest on February 26. The contest was located at Cy Fair ISD Berry Center.
The contests consist of 25 insect specimens and a 25 question exam. The team gets to study 150 insects and 250 questions and the contest will pull 25 from each to test the participants.
“We identify the insects common name, order, mouthpart, metamorphosis and significance,” junior Aurod Ounsinegad said. “The bug identification portion is worth 200 points, eight points for each bug, three points for identification, two point for order and one point for everything else, the test is worth 50 points.”
The team gets 90 seconds to answer all of the parts needed for each insect, at the end they get two to five minutes to fully complete the scantron. Usually they will get as much time as they need to complete the test.
Vandegrift placed second, this was their third contest, they placed fifth in the Katy FFA Invitational and second in the Cibolo Creek Invitational.
“I think that our team has been competing very well,” junior JT Autry said. “Even, though at our last competition, we thought we wouldn’t place in the top ten and we got second.”