For the love of fashion

Chloe Strader, Staff Reporter

Fashion has always been important to me. I’ve always considered it essential in a person’s life. Having that one piece of clothing that is just so you that there is nothing you won’t do to get it. It has also always been a source of stress and insecurity for me. Looking at pictures of stick thin women with beautiful faces and not a flaw in sight; All of them wearing these beautiful pieces of clothing that I wanted to to wear. But only if I looked as thin and impossibly stunning as they did.

It has taken me awhile to realize just that. They are IMPOSSIBLY stunning. Don’t get me wrong, those toned bodies and contoured faces are in part thanks to a masterfully crafted mixture of genes and a healthy lifestyle, but there beauty can also be attributed to handy photoshop skills.

We hear everyday to accept ourselves just the way we are, but, alongside that, we are shown what the true standards are. The standards of classy but still sexy, skinny but still curvy, and smart but not too smart. I’ve also come to realize that it is not the clothes that make the girl it is the girl who makes the fashion. We as women are beautiful no matter what we wear it only matters how we wear it. In terms of wearing each item with confidence and conviction.


Clothes are supposed to make you feel beautiful and special. Each item complimenting a certain part of who you are. For me, my most favorite clothing item is a snazzy pair of blue denim bell bottoms from Free People. These pants exude power and confidence. They give me the strength to walk down the halls of Vandegrift with a little more excitement than if I wear another one of my dingy items of clothing. I love being able to pair certain pieces together. Whether that be a statement piece paired with a more calmed piece or something that will catch anyone’s eye. If you ask me everything you wear should be a statement piece because you should always be making a statement of who you are. A look that stands out from everyone else’s, or one that catches the eye of someone special.


Fashion is the best way to tell someone who you are without actually having to say anything. As Ralph Lauren once said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” It is apart of who you are, it is what separates you from those around you.


Fashion is a statement not a style. Fashion does not have to be worn casually, nor outside the runway. Fashion is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages. Fashion is an art of personal self- expression, not an excuse to be pretty, popular and charismatic.