What all the fuss over HQ is really about

Chloe Strader, Staff Reporter

HQ is taking over Vandy at an alarming rate. With the majority of students tuning in during their 3rd or 7th period block from 2p.m. to usually 2:15pm. There is another game at 8:00p.m. HQ has quickly spread through our halls and into the classroom.


Students share why they like HQ and how to play the game in and out of the classroom. But to understand why HQ is loved by so many students we must first look at what the game actually entails.


“HQ is a trivia game where a spokesperson asks you questions on various topics and you answer the question by picking one of the three answer choices within 10 seconds,” Says junior Drew Nelson. “There are 12 sets of questions and if you answer all of them right then you can even win money for answering a certain amount of the questions right.”


HQ seems like one of those apps that last about a month or two within a school before they become old news and go to the “app store graveyard.” But some students think that HQ is unique and might outlast some of the other once popular apps.


“I think that HQ will last longer because the money aspect draws people to the app and also that you can’t just play it all the time. Oh and then you also get to play with people all over the world which is really cool,” Said Nelson.


Speaking of the large quantity of people that play HQ, it is fair to say that playing the game with partners offers an upper hand when combining knowledge.


“It’s better to play with a lot of people because sometimes I won’t know an answer and one of my friends will help me out and give me the answer and I get to move farther in the game,” said junior Hallie Locke. “I guess in a sense it is cheating but it’s all in good fun.”


Students heard about the game from peers as many of them do with various apps and websites. The communication in the school helps spread word of the new and exciting social media driven activities available.


“In Ms. Kasper’s Physics class my friend Peyton Klam was playing the game and he looked really into it, when I asked him about it he helped me join and from then on I was obsessed.” Locke said.


Let’s hope that HQ’s frenzy lasts longer than a second in the hustle and bustle of the technology world.