Book Review: We Were Liars

Harshita Avirneni, Spotlight Editor

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is a thrilling, beautiful and remarkable novel following the story of Cadence Sinclair and her extraordinary summers on her family’s private island in Massachusetts.

The story starts with Cadence narrating about the esteemed Sinclair family and begins to explain past summers before a mysterious accident that is later explained. Lockhart does an exquisite job digging into every character, as the reader discovers more and more about each personality, as they go deeper and deeper into the novel.

My personal favorite part of the book is how it never slows down. It has no boring parts. Every chapter and part compels you to continue reading, and this probably the best book I have ever read.

Along with the excellent character development and pace, I love how Lockhart really takes her time revealing the answers to the secrets and questions. It even says in the book’s synopsis to “read it. And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.”

Like I said before this is the one of the best realistic fiction books I’ve ever read; I read it in one night. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good suspensful book. I give it a five out five stars.