Students drop eggs for science


Peyton Klam and Lily Beth Kerr

The Egg Drop project is for students to learn basic concepts of gravity, force and acceleration. Students had to build a structure using only glue, tape and popsicle sticks to protect a raw egg from a drop at a specific height.

“My favorite part of the project was actually dropping my project,” junior Aaron Brown said. “It was really windy so I was hoping my project would still work.”

Students came up with many different designs for their structures.

“My structure took me about two and a half hours to build and it didn’t even work,” junior Zander Sheffield said. “I think the most effective design were the ones that had a soft middle for the egg and protected by popsicle sticks on the outside.”

The most difficult part of the project wasn’t actually building the structure, it was coming up with an idea.

“It almost took me longer to come up with an idea than building my project,” Sheffield said. “I did a lot of research in order to build a creative structure but also realistic.”

Students had regret when dropping their masterpieces.

“It was so hard to drop my project,” junior Andrew Peña said. “Letting go of all my hard work and hoping that it succeeds.”

The Egg Drop is unlike any projects we have done as students in High School, it was more hands on and using creativity as a backbone for the structure.

“The most important thing we learned during the project was redirection of force,” junior Robert Brackenridge said. “This project was so different than any other, it was a lot of fun.”