Red Cross Club sponsors goods drive for Hurricane Harvey relief


Natalie Brink and Harshita Avirneni

The Red Cross club concluded a goods drive for Hurricane Harvey victims today. It lasted from Nov. 6 to today. They asked students to donate cleaning supplies like sponges, soap and powder cleanser. Students made these donations in front of the school, dysfunction junction, the cafeteria and in front of the library.

“It’s really easy to do,” senior and Red Cross club president Ashwin Kalidas said. “Just bring literally any packaged item from your house.”

All the donations will go to the Austin Disaster Relief Network, a nonprofit organization that will work with the Red Cross to deliver the goods to affected areas. Red Cross club asked students to donate the cleaning supplies listed on posters around the school.

“Right now a lot of the needs of Hurricane Harvey victims have been met: food, water and other needs,” Kalidas said. “The issue is allowing them to retake their homes from the hurricane. That’s why they request cleaning supplies because — for obvious reasons — cleaning supplies will help them tidy up their area.”

The club involved other clubs like HOSA and Key club in the drive. Each club was assigned a certain material to bring and encourage their members to donate it to the drive.

“There isn’t really an incentive, it’s just really easy to do,” Kalidas said. “It’s for a good cause.”

Students get service hours when they make a donation. It is for that reason club historian and sophomore Eesha Patel said that she is optimistic about the drive.

“Think about all those people that are struggling,” Patel said. “I don’t think many people have donated yet, but I feel like once they know that if they donate they get service hours, then it’s going to go a lot better.”