Senioritis: it is real and it is coming for you

Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

Today, the second of June, the day before I graduate high school, I have to write a story for my newspaper class so I do not fail it. That is right I have not been hit by a smooth a criminal, I have been hit by senioritis.

There is no dictionary definition of senioritis, but I can give you the closest thing. At the end of your senior year the only thing you will feel motivated to do is show up and that is even questionable. I was convinced I had senioritis my junior year, but I did not know anything. I did not fully understand senioritis until I sat in my statistics class and looked at my teacher and asked “Will I still pass the class if I don’t turn in these two homeworks?” For future reference I did pass my statistics class with an 82.

I think there are people who genuinely don’t get senioritis. It is amazing to watch them work, even when there is only one week of school left. If you do get diagnosed with severe senioritis, just remember this: you still have to send a final transcript to your college and if they don’t like your grades they can reject you.