Viper Camp

Kate Schulte and Lane Williard

Viper Camp was held Wednesday, May 17th. Viper Camp is an opportunity for Four Points, Canyon Ridge and a few Cedar Park 8th grade students to come and tour their future high school.  The PALS program gave the incoming students a tour of the school and spent the day preparing the incoming freshman for high school.

“Being a honcho (tour guide) for the incoming freshman was a great experience, that I highly enjoyed, said sophomore Lauren Mulligan. I thought it was fun to be able to show them what my school is all about and get them excited for the next chapter of their lives.”

The incoming freshman from CRMS and CPMS will ride buses over and the incoming freshman from FPMS are walking over with their current teachers.

“I was pretty excited to come visit VHS, I didn’t know what to expect but I ended up having a fun time and getting all my questions answered, said CRMS 8th grader Celine Harbach. My tour guides did a great job of explaining high school to us and giving us a detailed look at what Vandy is like.”

Once the students arrive a mini pep rally was held and then they broke up into small groups of 15 or so 8th graders. The group consisted of students from all the different middle schools and up to four PALS.

“I  really loved being able to tour the incoming freshman and help to make sure they are prepared to take on high school, said sophomore Kate Schulte. “One of my favorite parts of the day at Viper Camp was simply just eating lunch with them and getting to know the incoming freshman.”

The 8th graders played multiple  games and activities throughout the day in the main gym along with lots of other groups.

“I had a great time seeing all the 8th graders and getting to show them around the school, said junior Emily Youngblood. I loved my group of kids and am looking forward to seeing them again next year.”