‘Boss Baby’ movie review

Alaina Malone, Vandegrift Voice Staff Reporter

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The film ‘Boss Baby’ was released into theaters on March 13. The movie, originally based on an children’s book written and illustrated by author Marla Frazee, is a comical animated movie based on the perspective of a 7-year-old boy named Tim (voiced by Miles Baksh) with a vivid and lively imagination who lives with with his affectionate family: him, his mother and father. That is until his mother becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby, arriving in a taxi cab and dressed in a suit. A Boss Baby, assigned the job of stealing all love from their parents by using tactics that lessening the amount of devotion his parent’s once focused entirely on Tim. This comical but uplifting theme addressing the common issues that most children go through when a new sibling comes into their life with a sense of humor throughout the movie by exaggerating the emotions going through one’s head when feeling replaced by their new brother or sister in a light and hilarious way, recommended “for families who love to laugh with children who’ve gone through the similar process of coming to love their family’s newest addition”.

The story begins showing scenes where the main character Tim narrates, explaining his life before the baby was born. His parents were attentive and spoiled him with love and frequent family dinners, but everything changed once he looked out his bedroom window, seeing a small baby wearing a professional suit and carrying a briefcase. Although his parents are adore the odd things Tim points out about the baby, they miss the obvious evil that radiates and is noticed by Tim alone.

The movie focuses mainly on typical issues children face when a new sibling is introduced into a family for the first time. The unintended ignorance and constant attention that parents bestow upon Tim isn’t on purpose, which most parents with infants can become blinded by due to the constant care babies and young children need in order to properly raise their children, often unaware of how it’s affecting the other children in the family.

Tim and his Baby Boss brother (voiced by Alec Baldwin), end up making a pact together once Tim learns of the Boss Baby’s true intention, getting a promotion in his job, which is exploiting secret information that his parents may be involved in through connections, information the company that the Boss Baby works for, Baby Corp, needs desperately to keep babies higher than other cute animals in the word that may overthrow the whole concept of admiration of babies; a new puppy that lasts forever.

This thrilling, hilarious and heartwarming movie about growing up with a younger sibling can be relatable to any family going through the same things, including comedy that can intrigue most adults and children at the same time without being completely intolerable and overbearingly silly. The movie itself is a must-see if you’re interested in having a movie night that families of all types will enjoy.

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