Outlast 2 demo review


Hadley Hudson, Staff Reporter

Of all horror video games, one of the most popular recently was Outlast. Now, the sequel to the game is being released. It is said that “if it was a movie, it would be R.” The graphic violence and ideals are captured in the 20 minute demo for the sequel released on Halloween. The survival game as a genre is being stepped up by this sequel, and will be released in 2017.

Outlast 1 was released in 2013, and proved to be a smash hit horror videogame. Revolving around a corrupt and closed down insane asylum and an investigational reporter that goes to investigate, the story kept you on your feet as you searched for clues, discovered the underground asylum, hid in lockers from perpetrators, and tried to survive. It earned a 10/10 on Steam. The sequel to that hit is being released in 2017. And this creepy setting and storyline look just as good as the last one.

This game is set around a man named Blake and his wife, Lynn. They are reporters searching for the truth behind a seemingly impossible murder of a pregnant young woman. They go deep into the Arizona desert, and Blake loses Lynn. This is where the game starts. You are at the bottom of a cliff, slightly injured, and you walk towards a small group of houses in the dark. These houses are the creepiest houses ever built, to add. While you (Blake) search for any help or shelter, the houses are all empty, sort of. Some doors slam shut while you walk toward them, and some doors close inside the house while you look inside them. Plus, there are random glowing eyes peering at you from the forest, but if you walk toward them the people slide backward into the shadows. At one point, you investigate a room to find a large collection of fetuses with a spray painted ‘X’ across them. And this is only the 20 minute demo! It ends with a chase scene, and when the chaser finds you (this is really graphic), he axes you, dragging and tearing your body in half (hotdog style). Again, only the 20 minute demo!

Obviously, this game is grotesque. That is definitely what someone should expect from a sequel to a videogame with a full out torture scene. And so far, this one seems to live up to those expectations. It is both extremely creepy and heart stopping, and never stops being horrifying. Personally, I can’t wait until this full game releases. If you are looking for an exciting new video game in 2017, I recommend this truly chilling experience.