Stranger Things Review

Madeline Smyser, Staff Reporter

Described as a genius mix of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, new Netflix original Stranger Things has viewers on the edge of their seats. Released on July 15, 2016 with only eight episodes, directors Matt and Ross Duffer brilliantly capture multiple genres in one amazing plot.


Most fans would describe the show as science fiction, but with plenty of mystery, romance and horror. Viewers are hooked from the first episode and even those who don’t usually binge watch find themselves rolling right into the next chapter.


Stranger Things is set in 1983 in a small town in Indiana. It follows four middle school boys, one of whom disappears unexplainably. The other three team up with a strange girl called Eleven in order to find their friend. However, they are not the only ones searching for the boy. His mother, brother and the chief of police are also caught in the mystery. Government conspiracies are uncovered, friendships are tested, young love blossoms and a monster is set loose in this intricate tale.


Not only is the show’s script impeccable, but its actors are phenomenal. Many are child actors, astounding the audience with their unmatched talent. The intensity of the show is a difficult thing to capture, but these kids did it perfectly. Famous actress Winona Ryder also stars in the series, giving a heart-wrenching performance as the mother of the missing boy.


Stranger Things is perfect for both teens and adults. Older viewers love the nostalgia of the setting, while younger ones are fascinated by it. Funny, serious, both intense and light-hearted, this show has something for everybody.