Why you shouldn’t watch Batman Vs Superman

Max Bowman, Writer

The superhero genre is something that has been gutted, processed, and has perfected its formula down to a “T”.  We as a audience have consumed this slush for the past eight years with little to no diversity in flavor, sated with the small changes in variety here and there. The rabid fan base of these films devour everything from mobile apps, to T.V. shows, and especially movies. In essence, the superhero genre is the fast food of theaters. They’re bland, by-the-numbers, and often proceed imminent regret,  yet people flock to them in droves. The most recent item added to the menu is Batman Vs. Superman, and I’m here to tell you why you should not watch it.

Batman Vs. Superman was universally teared apart by critics on release. Yet the film still has managed to earn $500 million dollars. It didn’t matter how bad the film was, the simple fact is that its fans just didn’t care. No matter how distasteful the product was, the fans just have to get their fix – even when it’s utter garbage. The thing is, there’s plenty of other items to pick from. Their is no shortage of good superhero movies and T.V. shows on the market. Why settle for less when you can have more? Something else to take in account too is that the bigwigs know that the film is trash. They know they are selling you garbage and they know that you will pay for it anyway. Your spending money a product of this low quality is just going to end up lowering the bar for these filmmakers. Producers will realize that instead of focusing on a quality product, they can instead make back triple the income by instead churning out a couple of throwaway movies. By saving your money instead of going to see this film, you will improve the future quality of films for years to come.

I understand that many critics tastes don’t align with that of the common audience. That’s a fair point but one doesn’t even have to look at the critical consensus to realize that the film just won’t be up to snuff. Take a look at the creative driving force behind this project, the director Zack Snyder. Out of the eight movies he has made, only one of them is original —  and also happens to be considered a abhorrent piece of misogynistic trash (Sucker Punch). He is so bad, that even out of the seven movies he has made based of original properties, only one is widely regarded as “good” (Dawn of the Dead). Let’s not even go into the fact that the prequel to this film (Man of Steel) is also regarded as a awful Superman film. Instead let’s focus on the actual design of Batman Vs. Superman. The only purpose, the only reason for this film existing is to make money and provide a structure for future films. Their is no artistic vision here or love put into to making this. It is corporate marketing boiled down to its core and served to you on a platter. They are cramming as many superheros and subplots in the dish for the simple fact that this will open up new future movies to sell and make profit off. In Batman Vs. Superman, the fight between the two heros doesn’t even matter as they already announced prior to its release that their would be a Justice League film following it – meaning that the ensuing fight just ends with rainbows and sunshine as the two adversaries team up to fight a greater evil, and becoming friends along the way.

I can’t urge you enough, reader, to not see this film. Don’t waste your money on this garbage and don’t let producers think they can get away with whatever they want. Look at all these signs pointing to this being a waste of your time and money before you head over to your local theater and buy yourself a ticket. Don’t do it. Instead just do yourself a favor and rewatch the plethora of superhero movies you have available. You know, actually good movies.