What’s new for Spring?

Kate Murphy, Newspaper President

The flowers are blooming and weather is getting warmer, you know what that means… SPRING IS HERE! With a new season brings new trends, hemlines and standards.

Halter necklines are very in this season, they were everywhere during New York Fashion Week. From dark colors to vibrant neon, halter is the new v-neck. Most commonly seen on dresses, the halter neckline is very figure flattering and one of my personal favorites.

Sequins are back, and no not the dress up I bought this from party city sequin dress. I am talking tasteful sequins, which may be difficult, not impossible to find. Layered sequins this season are found in more toned down colors, light pinks, yellows, or a nice charcoal or black. But the key to the sequin dress is for it to have a shape or some sort of design, a slit on the side or a deep v-neck with the sequins placed in different directions. The dresses that were on the runway were all longer dresses to make the sequins look a little more grown up. I feel the key to this look is simple, make sure you don’t look like a three year old just threw sequins on you; if you can do that then the look is great!

A pinch of pinstripes, I really enjoy this trend because pinstripes are different than regular stripes because they are are much easier to pull off. This season pinstripes are very monotoned, baby blues, whites and greys- nothing that will make you eyeballs hurt when looking at them. It looks best when there is just a pinch of them, the whole outfit does not need to be pinstripes just a little piece to make the outfit stand out.

SHOES! There is very little in this world that I love more than a good pair of shoes. They can just do so much for an outfit. Definitely one of my top favorite shoe trends of this season is the lace up shoe. From wedges, heels. flats and sandals a good wrap up shoe can do wonders. Plus it is very springy I mean who wears wrap up sandals in the winter? Uh no one.

Pointed flats are very, very in. If you walk the halls of Vandegrift I guarantee that you will find at least four to five girls wearing pointed flats. But ladies you have to be careful, you don’t want to look like you should be in Santas workshop with your elf shoes on. There is a line between pointed and elf shoes, be very careful not to cross it.

Sneakers, yes you read this right, I did say sneakers. And no I am not talking about the sneakers that your mom wears with her flair jeans and t-shirt (that forces you walk five steps behind her at all times while wearing that outfit). The sneakers that are in this season are referred to as “fashion sneakers.” Most are slip on and very cute made in leather or suede. These shoes are not only super comfortable, but you can dress them up or down. If you want more casual, jeans and a simple t-shirt and ta-dah very cute. Or dress it up with a cute dress. The sneaker options are endless, but just remember they are “fashion sneakers.”

Spring is the best fashion season because all colors are allowed. You can bring out some of those last year cloths pair it with something new and no one will ever know. Every season I try to switch up my wardrobe, I wear something that last years me would have never worn. I set fashion goals for myself, yes it might sound silly but this forces me to get out of my comfort goal and wear an outfit that is new and different. This let us raise not only or hemlines, but also our standards.