Mechanics builds a trailer

Stephen King, Writer

The Mechanics class is building a trailer requested by a friend of Joe Lemmons, the mechanics teacher, that will be entered in the Blinn College Mechanics Show in April.

“He liked a trailer that I built a long time ago.” Lemmons said. “He needed one so he wanted us to build one.”

Mechanics usually builds projects based on what customers desire, and recently, this customer made his request and now three students, seniors Baker Oliver, Christopher Hardy, and Zach Pendleton, are the ones building it with the supplies already provided.

“When Mr. Lemmons asked us to build a trailer, I said, ‘I think we can do that,’” Oliver, who loves using the welder, said. “It’s a good looking piece of steel.”

Each of the three boys has skills that they learned in the past years and they put those skills to good use.

“It’s a team effort,” Hardy said. “We would switch off to different parts such as welding or cutting out the support beam.”

After the boys finish building the trailer, they will eventually paint it.

“It’s a fun project for all of us,” Pendleton said. “I love working with them.”