Je suis Paris and why America should stand by France

Laura Figi, Web Editor-in-Chief

Vive la Liberté, Égalité et Fraternité! Je suis Charlie! Nous sommes unis! Je suis Paris! These are the phrases that are rampant in the streets of Paris, in the hearts of onlookers and taking the internet by storm. France, and Paris in particular has been subject to more terrorist attacks, including bombings and shootings than any country should have to deal with, the equivalent of our 9-11 twice, and still come out fighting. From parades in the streets of Francophone cities to French flags being hung all over the world, France is clearly not alone in this ordeal, but rather has emerged possibly with even more allies than before.
France and particularly Paris is subject to a lot of terrorist attacks largely because of the demographics of the country. France is a hotspot for Middle-Eastern immigrants due to a variety of reasons, though previous wars causing people to flee is the most common—France happens to be the mother land of the language and culture that they could safely relate to the most. As a result, the French are no stranger to Middle-Eastern culture. In fact, plenty of French slang comes from Arabic phrases. However, people in France aren’t necessarily welcoming to the excess of immigrants—on the contrary, many public associations and companies are very against the mass immigration. Charlie Hebdo for example, which was highly controversial to begin with, because printing cartoons in protest of ISIS and middle easterners in general was shot up and 12 people were killed, eight of which were journalists.
The US should take a more authoritative stance in aiding the protection of France. France has been a long standing ally, an iconic part of European culture, and home to one of the most prominent languages in the world. So far, America has sat back and watched the attacks—watched the citizens in pain, while people around them die, even though they have helped us every time we needed it, unfailingly. Now, France is facing serious threats without the aid of the “world police.” If helping an entire country get back up to fight isn’t incentive to send troops or even just a sentimental greeting card, America shouldn’t expect any more help from here on out.
France is waiting for us to stand up and fight along with every other country that has recognized them. The longer America waits, the worse America looks.