Christine Hickman wishes Vipers one final goodbye

Laura Figi and Stephen King

Never failing to bring the most patriotic moment of the day, receptionist Christine Hickman sits in the front office, the Union Jack gleaming on the rims of her glasses, and recites the pledge every morning. For the past six years, Vandegrift has been blessed with a very spirited secretary—one who always reminds us about football tickets and the moment of silence, and one who will be very dearly missed by the staff and students.
After seven years of working in the front office, Hickman begins her retirement this winter break. She plans to stay home and relax, enjoy life in Lakeway and do pilates.
“I love Vandegrift,” Hickman said. “I love everything about it. I love the students, the teachers and the whole building.”
Hickman is from Southeast London and used to work drawing and mapping underground passages for the oil industry.
“My favorite part of every day was coming here,” Hickman said.
You can always find Hickman dressed up for any event, whether it’s a game against Cedar Park, a pep rally or a holiday—something different each year for Halloween.
“I’ve always enjoyed dressing up,” Hickman said. “I hope the legacy I left was spirit.”
She delivered her final message to the Vandegrift student body today for whoever remained from midterms—her final words over the intercom: “I will miss you, and have a wonderful Viper day.”
“[Vandegrift] is just going to go up and get better,” Hickman said. “And we’re going to win everything.”