Counting down to Christmas

Zoe Dowley, Feature Editor

It’s that time of year again when Christmas is on its way and brings all of the lights, decorations and cheer with it. I am so excited for Christmas because it means I get to watch a lot of movies that are only around for this season, be with family and listen to my favorite tunes of the holiday. Everyone around seems more thankful and spiritual with warm, fuzzy feelings all around to enjoy. It’s a time to think, give thanks and meet new people who share the love of the season with you. Traditions are continued with family and friends and passed down to different generations in hopes of keeping that tradition alive and well.

School is also out for the season. No more homework or finals to worry about until January, which brings everyone together in a special way in order to celebrate. With no school, students have no reason to get up early so they can stay out late at night and sleep in if need be. I am a total night owl and love to sleep in each day, which gives me another reason to enjoy Christmas even more. The holidays also mean that the year is halfway over. I have done well this semester in order to give myself a good foundation for next semester, which rewards me by not having to do much work over the break.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s easy to point out all of the fun activities planned for the end of the year and wait for the gifts that come from Santa and everyone around you. It’s not about the gifts or the money; it is about enjoying the season, giving thanks and having fun with those you adore. I am glad I get to spend the holidays with my family and friends this year and can’t wait to see what will continue to grow and change each and every year.