French 4 AP tackles the environment


Senior Zach Burky and his project on Haitian Deforestation.

Akhil Kumbum, Opinion/Column Editor

Environmental problems aren’t just local, they’re global. With that in mind, French 4 AP students held a convention over environmental issues in French-speaking countries this week. Issues ranged on a variety of topics, from deforestation in Haiti to the death of bees in Belgium. The event was held during lunch today, outside the cafeteria outside the entrance from the gym. Presentations were given, in French, to students who are currently taking French classes.  


“It’s been going on for a long time in Senegal,” senior Iman Mahmoud said. “So that’s why I chose to do this topic.”


Mahmoud’s topic was on deforestation in the African country of Senegal, which not only causes issues for the environment, but also the people of the region, who have been displaced due to logging demands. Other students also chose issues they were particularly passionate about.


“I’m not thoroughly involved with the environment, but I’ve been passionate about bees for a long time,” senior Laura Figi said. “Without bees we don’t have agriculture, and no one really talks about that.”


Speaking French seems to come easily to Figi, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, she wasn’t originally planning on taking French, but found herself drawn to it in her sophomore year.


“Learning a language is a really cool thing,” she said. “Most countries speak two or three languages, but here in the US we only speak one.”


Of course, at the heart of this assignment is the language. Students gave presentations on the topic in French, and all of the information on the poster boards used were also in French. Along with education on environmental issues, the project also helps students prepare for the AP test in May.


“By doing this, they learn how to speak French impromptu, and they learn about issues in French-speaking countries, both of which are important for the AP exam,” French teacher Madame Simon said.