Comic Con comes to downtown Austin

Stephen King, Writer


The annual Wizard World Comic Con arrived for Halloween at the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin. Many people attended wearing their costumes, and not just because of the holiday.

“I originally wanted to go to Comic Con to advertise this web series I’m working on based around Fallout,” Senior Baron Pulitzer said. “It was cool getting to meet other people interested in the same thing as I am.”

Many people wore costumes based off of characters from movies, television shows, and comics such as DC’s Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and MARVEL’s Captain America, Wolverine and of course the merc with the mouth, Deadpool.

“My costume was my Fallout outfit that I made for the series, the Junktown Ranger,” Pulitzer said. “It’s an original character.”

Celebrities of course visited to give autographs. Some attendees included Bruce Campbell from the horror movie series Evil Dead, Jason Issacs from the fantasy series Harry Potter, and the former boxer Mike Tyson. There were even artists to represent others’ work such as Tom Cook for He-Man, Greg Horn for his cover art of MARVEL Comics’ characters like Ms. Marvel, and Amanda Tolleson for The Hunger Games.

“I saw the artist of The Walking Dead,” Senior Cameron Daniel said. “I got an autograph.”

The next Comic Con for Austin will be on September 23-25, 2016 in the same convention center. Those who did not get to attend will get a second chance next year

“I love Comic Con,” Daniel said.