Ready, Set, Teach students begin traveling to schools


Johnny Morreale, Writer

It is an oft-repeated recitation that one of the only ways to truly learn is through experience. At least, that is the idea behind LISD’s Ready, Set, Teach program. The Vandegrift branch of the program, currently in its fourth year, is taught by Deanna Bentley. She is enthusiastic about the performance of her current students, especially those in Ready, Set, Teach 2, the more advanced form of the RST program.

“They have the opportunity to do what college students in entry-level education courses do,” Bentley said. “They are working side by side with students from UT and Concordia at our campuses.”

Ready, Set, Teach 1 is the introductory course, and is offered to both juniors and seniors. Students in RST remain on campus for most of the time, leaving the school grounds on a LISD bus to River Place Elementary for six weeks in the fall. There, the students will work with teachers in order to gain field experience in education, and to determine if teaching is their best career path. Students will begin visiting River Place next Monday.

“I’m excited about teaching because I’ve had my own struggles in school, and the school didn’t really help me, so I really want to help students with their own problems,” senior and RST 1 student Jasmine Moreno said.

 Ready, Set, Teach 2 is the more advanced, double-blocked, version of the program, and is restricted to seniors. Students in RST 2 spend their first six weeks building portfolios, which include professional resumes and letters of interest to local schools. They will then spend the rest of the year attending an assigned mentor teacher’s class, observing and assisting in the classroom. In contrast to RST 1, students in RST 2 are able to choose any school that feeds into Vandegrift, and remain in the classroom for a longer period of time, though they must provide their own transportation. Students in RST 2 have already begun working in the field, and many have found it very insightful.

“I’ve learned a lot about the kids and what they want, as well as what a good classroom environment should be,” RST 2 student Ellie Cross said. “I hope I can learn even more throughout the year.”