Things you should know about senior year

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

Senior year. Two words that when said bring a different feeling or emotion to everyone. The original most common feeling is excitement. You are finally top dog, you rule the school, you think “wow, senior year is awesome.” Then the panic starts to set in.

The panic is not something that I remember being told about, along with the college applications and all the stress that comes along with them. The essays you have been warned about from the start, but let me tell you, they are much harder to write than you think.

Then you must order all these documents including your transcript, test scores and even the college application. All of these things, may I add, cost money. Once you order all of these items and have applied to college, for a quick moment you feel relieved that you did it. You finally got it all done. But that quickly goes away and a new lovely feeling sets in… the waiting, the worst part, knowing that you have sent everything in and done all that you can do and now your future lies in the hands of that single person reading your application. In the mix of this hecticness add the daily question of “where do you think you want to go to college?” I am only six weeks into senior year and I do not think that one day has gone by that I have not talked about college. And I am here to tell you that I am sick of it.

Here are somethings that I wish I would have known before my senior year arrived:

1.) How to fill out an application.

It sounds like basic knowledge but you would be surprised at how much harder they are than you would think.

Staying on top of all of your accounts, passwords, essays, applications and acceptances is SO important and keeping yourself organized will definitely pay off in the long run.

2.)Different applications take different amounts of time.

You will get accepted at different times than those around you. Certain schools will accept you right away and then some other schools will keep you waiting. Don’t stress! Eventually you will get all your information and everything you need will be handled.

3.)Get to know your high school counselors, college admission officers.

If you stay in touch with your admissions officer they will make sure that you have finished everything that needs to be done, and help you with everything along the way. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions! They are there to help you through the admission process.

4.)Last, but not least, don’t let senior year pass you by.

In the midst of college applications,  AP Classes, homework and stress, enjoy yourself! Get out there and have the time of your life before you need to be out in the real world, with more responsibilities than you’ve ever had before. Happy senior year, make the most of it.