How to start a student led club

Stephen King, Writer

The school offers a lot of clubs, with half of them being student led clubs. However, students who want to start a new club can do so if they follow a few steps.

“Student led clubs contribute to school culture,” Zandra Lopez said. “They provide students opportunities to pursue their interests and if there is not a club that suits their needs, they can create one.”

First, fill out the online application by going to the library homepage, selecting PIT guide for students and then read the directions on the left side. Here, the VHS Student-Led Application will be on the right. Next, make a list of 10 members including their first, last names and student ID numbers. Turn in both the complete application and 10 members list to Lopez, whose office is in the library. At this time, wait for approval; the 10 members and faculty sponsor will be notified through email. Then establish meeting dates with the sponsor and simply meet. This would be a good time to create organizational bylaws, which will have to be turned in to Lopez by Nov. 6.

“I’m glad students have the freedom to pursue a variety of interest during PIT,” Lopez said. “VHS students are overbooked and having club meetings during PIT time provides students the chance to involve themselves at VHS.