Fanstand reporters take the field

Zoe Dowley, Sports Editor

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Aspiring sports reporters, senior Kate Murphy and junior Cydney McCullum take to the sideline every Friday nights to give play-by-play action on the game for Fanstand. Murphy and McCullum tweet scores, athlete’s plays, and overall time left in each quarter to update the fans on the game.

Fanstand was founded Aug. 18, 2010 and covers 14 high school teams throughout central Austin, bringing people closer to the game at-hand through interviews with a recap video at the end of each week.

“I really want to get into the entertainment business and ideally be an ESPN reporter,” Murphy said. “Fanstand teaches you by hands on experience how to talk on camera and radio, sounding intelligent while doing it.”

Throughout the season, Murphy and McCullum get to know the players and coaches by talking with them on Friday nights. Reporters also meet new teams, players and staff.

“Meeting new people during each game is always very exciting,” McCullum said. “It’s great getting to know one to two players, and the iReporter from the other teams we play.”

Fanstand is sponsored and supported by Don Hewlett Texas True, along with Taco Shack, Mother’s Window Tint, Bullock Museum, Continental Collision, and more.

“I like both of our reporters a lot,” senior football player Cody Walther said. “It’s a cool experience to be interviewed and all of the football players appreciate what they do.”

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