We’re all winners in “Kicking For Cash”


Mrs. Hammons

John Clay Richards punts at the 10 yard line for “Kicking for Cash”

Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor


17 kickers attempted to kick the farthest field goal to win $300 last Friday night for their organization from sponsor Craig Smyser with RE/MAX Capital City. The crowd cheered as kickers from clubs all the way from boys basketball to robotics lined up on the field to kick.

“I feel great,” junior John Clay Richard said. “My competition was no where close to how good I was.”

Richard, representative of PALS, won $300 on Friday at the “Kicking for Cash” contest during halftime with a 15 yard kick.

“I feel like I’m gonna kick it out of the field,” sophomore robotics kicker Adam Bush said. “Like I’m gonna do the best I can ever do, I trained probably 10 hours for this day and I regret nothing.”

All the teams had a fair idea on what they would use the money for if they did win the cash prize.

“Hopefully, [since] choir goes on a lot of trips to perform and do other activities,” senior and kicker for choir Brian Nguyen said. “We hope we can use that money to pay for those cost and help the choir perform and give the choir these great shows to perform with their beautiful voices.” 

All the kickers started at the five yard line and those that made the field goal stayed in the game and those that missed left the field. After each round the kickers moved back five yards.

“Its a pretty cool experience,” senior, punter for boys basketball and second placer Drayton Whiteside said. “I’ve done it for the last couple of years and I was hoping to get first place, but it is always a fun experience.”