New online textbook policy for everyone

Stephen King, Writer

School has started for 2015 and so has a new online policy for textbooks. While students will be able to check out textbooks for AP and foreign language classes, other classes will simply be online.

“Kids are tech savvy,” Assistant Principal Larremore said. “I think they’ll appreciate not having to lift those books around.”

Even though textbooks are now accessed from Internet access, there will still be physical versions of the books, and most cannot be taken home– except in special circumstances.

“The hard copies of the books are class sets,” Larremore said. “If you took a book home, that would mean there was a student in the next period who wouldn’t have a book to use during class time.

Students will be have to get used to this new policy, but unfortunately some of them do not like it.

“I would prefer to check out any textbook,” Noah Cranston said. “I would able to use any resource.”

However, other students see the good in the policy as it not only takes off backpack weight, but is also an environmental contribution.

“I think it’s good some ways except in other ways,” Sabrina Muir said. “It’s good because it saves paper and books and the kids don’t have to carry don’t have to carry them around as many books.”

As for the old textbooks, they will all simply be donated to other schools in need.

“The district finds school districts in need,” Larremore said. “We’ve had teachers who donated different textbooks to schools in Africa.”