Violet Crown Cinema Review

Sessen Stephanos, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

Over the weekend, I got to go to the Violet Crown movie theatre on West 2nd street.  The Violet  Crown is a locally owned cinema showing documentaries, foreign and independent films. The Violet Crown was a really exciting movie experience.


We were thrilled to find that parking was free and we had no trouble finding a spot.

There is both a snack bar and a cafe inside the theatre and you order outside and bring the food inside the theatre that way there aren’t any interruptions of paying for the bill and getting food delivered to you during the movie.


The seats inside of the theatre are very comfortable but fairly limited compared to a normal sized movie theatre, so I would suggest reserving seats online beforehand. However, it is not imperative that you reserve seats beforehand; my family did not and we were still able to purchase seats and sit together in the same row.


I didn’t sit in the front row but in the very front row there are ottomans in front of the seats so people can prop their feet up as they enjoy the movie.


I can’t rave enough about how much I loved the interior design of the theatre. The size of theatre made it feel like a much cozier and quiet atmosphere. There were also seats outside in the small lobby area for people to sit and socialize before or after the screening of the movie.


Violet Crown has a wide variety of drinks ranging from iced coffee to sodas and lemonade. My sister and I split a margarita pizza and it was delicious. The cafe has foods ranging from full meal items such as pizzas, sandwiches and salads to sweet pastries and popcorn snacks.


The Violet Crown is definitely pricier than your average movie theatre adventure, but overall I think it makes for a really fun outing and a really authentic Austin experience.