Senioritis: What to do

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

Senioritis. We all have it. I can deny it all I want, but I know it’s there telling me “it’s okay,”  “you deserve this break,”, “nothing matters anymore anyway.” Except for it does. This mental state, this disease, keeps seniors from being able to recognize that. Homework becomes a distant memory and studying only happens the night before a test. Unfortunately, senior year is the year where students digress, and, from what I’ve seen, no senior goes untouched.

Classes that seemed quiet and focused last semester seem to be growing more and more rambunctious by the minute. It’s senior year, we’re all friends now, this could be one of the last times we ever get to talk to these people, so yes I’m going to consider that when deciding whether I should work on calculus or talk to my friends.

In addition to the lack of focus in class, there also seems to be a lack of students in general. In fact, the amount of kids I see missing everyday is increasing at an alarming amount. I’ve always heard horror stories about really smart kids who couldn’t graduate in time because they had too many absences but assumed they were only partially true. The idea of a kid who has worked extremely hard for the past four years not being able to cross the stage due only to absences seemed absurd. SEEMED absurd. Because now I get it, seniors miss A LOT of school.

So what’s the answer to this question? I’d love to say that teachers need to simply accommodate for we are “ill” in a sense. However, with AP tests and final exams right around the corner the odds are not in our favor, and rightfully so. Which means we only have one option and that is to fight the disease. It might seem like class work is irrelevant because we are “so over it” or that attendance doesn’t matter because there’s only two months left. But there’s only two months left and don’t we owe it to ourselves, our little freshman selves, who worked their tails off to get us where we are now, to at least finish strong. I more than anyone need to work on this, trust me I’m aware. But I think, as a class, we will find that if we keep pushing just a little bit longer it will be well worth it in the end.