Kelsey Hewett sings in spotlight


Maria Krychniak

Kelsey Hewett singing at “Friends”

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

Kelsey Hewett, a junior spends her time taking singing lessons and performing on Saturdays at local Austin restaurants and venues.

“I love singing and its my passion,” Hewett said. “I love performing in front of audiences and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”

Kelsey has been singing since the third grade. She was first inspired to sing after having a role in the school play and since then singing has been her passion. Already in her singing career, Kelsey has sang in about 50 shows and has been frequently asked back to many establishments.

“I started at a really young age and I’ve loved it ever since then,” Hewett said. “I get to express myself and have fun at the same time. I practice a few times a week with my two vocal coaches and perform twice or once every month. It is a big commitment but I think it will pay off in the end.”

Kelsey performs songs from an array of different genres. She practices them with her vocal coach every Tuesday and after a few weeks she performs live at a local Austin restaurant. Austin being the “live music capital of the world,” Kelsey loves performing for different audiences.

“I sing a lot of different types of songs,” Hewett said. “Lately I’ve been singing more pop songs and such. I also sing at a lot of different places and open for different bands. My favorite place to perform at is this place Friends that is in sixth street.”

Hewett’s next performance will be April 28 in the evening with the venue to be determined.