Chez Zee: Restaurant Review

Maria Krychniak, Staff Writer

Chez Zee is one of the most iconic and oldest restaurants in Austin, Texas. Located in North Austin near 2222 and Mopac, this restaurant has been up and running for about 27 years and has been serving up American cuisine.

Upon my first visit, I was with my family for my mother’s birthday. First walking in, despite it’s location next to Mopac, the restaurant exterior and interior was exceptional beautiful and cozy. With lot’s of indoor space, a covered patio and a venue available for rent, this restaurant has plenty of room to accommodate  a large or small amount of people.

Chez Zee’s restaurant features an array of different types of food, but are best known for their breakfast foods and desserts. Being dinner time when I went I didn’t have a chance to try their breakfast items but was still able to enjoy a wonderful dinner from a very diverse menu. Each one of my family members ordered a different entree and I was able to try and see every single one. As an appetizer my family ordered fried pickles, as they are my dad’s favorite. Personally, I am not a fan of pickles but despite that, the fried pickles were delicious and got our taste buds going for the main course. A few of my favorite entrees that we ordered off the menu were the chicken gorgonzola pizza, and the grilled pork chops The chicken gorgonzola pizza is one of Chez Zee’s favorites and it definitely surpassed my expectations. The pizza was just the right size, perfect amount of crispy crust, had grilled chicken, pesto, tomatoes, red onions, and provolone cheese. The grilled pork chops were also a favorite at our table, consisting of a double cut pork chop, mashed potatoes, and a side salad, this entree was big but tasted spectacular. The entrees were delicious but the the star of the meal was most certainly dessert. For dessert my family went a little bit over board and ordered five slices of cake but it was worth it. Our favorite desserts were the lemon-rosemary cake, and the Jimmy Kimmel banana pie. The lemon-rosemary cake was light, fluffy, and had the perfect amount of lemon and vanilla icing to go with it. The Jimmy Kimmel banana pie got it’s name from when Jimmy Kimmel was in Austin for South by Southwest and he personally ordered the banana pie from Chez Zee and then tweeted about how delicious it was, and after trying it, Jimmy Kimmel was right. The banana pie was rich and sweet and the perfect ending to a spectacular meal.

My overall experience at this established restaurant was amazing. The service, food, environment and diversity surpassed all my expectations. The only con of this restaurant is that it is a bit expensive. Dinner prices are a lot higher than breakfast or dinner so people looking to save a little bit should go experience this restaurant during the day. Other than the price, this restaurant is amazing and certainly one that everyone to try.