PALs searches for New Members

Emma-Rose Floyd, News Editor

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About 200 students attended the PALS informational meetings that took place March 10 and 11 to begin the application process for next school year’s group. PALS sponsor, Amy Gallagher, expects to have around 100 applications to choose from.
“I joined to better myself, and I think that has succeeded,” junior and current PAL Amar Srinivasan said of the club.
Applications are due the week after spring break, March 24, by 4 p.m to Mrs. Gallagher . Interviews are scheduled to begin March 30 in the Athletic Meeting Room and run through April 7. After the interviews are complete, disciplinary background checks will be run on applicants. New members will be announced April 10 on the school website.
“I would love to join PALS, it’s a great organization,” sophomore and PALS applicant Megan Tullos said. “ I love working with kids, and I would love to help more in the community.”

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