PALS asks for new members

Stephen King, Writer

PALS is holding mandatory meetings for all potential incoming members on March 10 at 8 AM and March 11 at 4 PM in the athletic meeting room.

“I like getting new members,” Morgan Wagner, a senior member, said. “So far, everyone that has asked is awesome.”

Interested students must attend one of the meetings, as well as complete an online application that will then be submitted and the PALS group will grade and review it. After applications have been submitted, applicants will be interviewed during PIT. From there, PALS will calculate the applicants’ interview scores plus their character and application score. Those who are interviewed are advised to dress nicely.

“I think it’s really important that new members join because half of the club graduates,” Sessen Stephane, another senior member said. “So we need new members to keep the club going. That’s how PALS stay alive.”