Restaurant Review: Takoba

Sessen Stephanos, Lifestyles and Entertainment Editor

This past weekend I got to eat at the adorable restaurant Takoba. Located on East 7th street, Takoba has a beautiful indoor seating arrangement along with an adorable outdoor patio. It was a bit chilly when I went for lunch so I sat indoors and I loved the layout of the restaurant.

The food was overall delicious. I ordered migas and my friend ordered several breakfast tacos and we shared both meals. The potatoes were amazing, they were cooked with different spices and vegetables giving it a kick but not an overwhelming amount of spice or flavor.

The biggest issue I had with Takoba was the fact that it was rather slow service. We got seated quickly but it took a long time for the waitress to come and take our order. The food was delivered at a decent speed, but the waitress never really came back around to check on how things were going.

Overall I highly recommend Takoba as a place to eat if you are ever downtown or around East Austin. Takoba doesn’t open until 11 o’clock, making it inconvenient for early risers who want to grab some breakfast tacos, but and ideal brunch and dinner spot.