Interior design makes gingerbread houses for the holidays


Laura Figi, Web Editor in Chief

Christmas came early for those taking interior design. In spirit of the holidays and to take a break from the stress and fatigue of finals week, Deanna Bentley’s interior design classes made gingerbread houses to represent different styles of architecture.
The gingerbread houses were made in popular styles ranging from Victorian to colonial design. They were made mainly from graham crackers as well as materials like gumdrops, ice cream cones, marshmallows and candy canes for accents.
“It gets you excited for the holidays, while also practicing interior design,” junior Alli Hindman said. “It’s so creative and it’s really festive.”
The project is meant to put some hands-on coverage to what the students have been studying in class, and help them grasp the unit by designing a house themselves.
“No two are going to be alike,” Bentley said. “They’re really doing a good job with them.”
Many students have chosen to donate their completed houses to a local children’s hospital or a retirement home. In fact, some students have even given their houses a theme– like the house from the movie ‘Up!.’ The projects were officially completed on Wednesday.
“We definitely but a lot of time into it and the creativity aspect,” junior Denise Alvidrez said. “It’s something different—like something no one has ever done before.”