Students gather for pep rally before LBJ game

Stephen king, Writer

The fourth pep rally of the year was held last Friday before the game against LBJ. The pep rally started woth a video made from clips of the season.

“I like the video,” Elise Battisti said. “That was pretty cool.”

The video contained pictures of different games that Vandegrift played in the past. The pep rally also had the band members playing, and the cheerleaders lined up on both sides of the gym, all dancing with the audience.

“I enjoyed it,” Cody Gobert said. “My favorite part was when the cheerleaders were dancing.”

The pep rally had speeches as from Coach Sanders and Spencer Apel, recently moved up to the Varsity team. Their speeches, along with the entire pep rally, put a lot of spirit into the students.

“I think it was very spiritfull,” Denise Alvirdez said. “I’m glad we made it to play offs!”