AVID class completes ropes course

Abby Knowles, Feature Editor, Ads Manager

Coach McClain’s freshman AVID class completed the ropes course last Friday to build teamwork and communication skills.
“This is my first time doing the ropes course, but I really like it,” freshman Katana Backus said. “It contributes to the class because it shows you about teamwork and AVID is about working together.”
The class participated in numerous team building activities, including “stay on the log” and “Tarzan.” Students were limited to the low elements of the ropes course.
“My favorite activity was the three islands and going across the rope to the other three islands,” freshman Tien Nguyen said. “We were all really hyped and into it. It was just really fun.”
In a couple of weeks, AVID students will meet with the ropes course coordinator and the class will participate in some of the high elements. The coordinator will bring harnesses and allow the students to climb the rock wall and walk across the tightropes.
I would like to do the ropes course again, but a lot higher,” freshman Nathan Beasley said.