Army truck visits VHS campus

Army truck visits VHS campus

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

An Army truck simulating a mission was parked outside the cafeteria for students to walk through on Thursday.

“We’ve been to four schools already this week and will go to another school tomorrow,” Army Sergeant Ramos said.

In the simulator students were given a fake situation where a terrorist group attacked a chemical plant and the students have to evaluate the situation and figure out how to safely send in military personnel and get civilians out.

“Anything that shows a side of the military other than just the common perceptions is a good thing,” assistant principal and army veteran James Larramore said. “Having a truck come that’s focused on math, science, and technology can show not only the students but the community more than just the common perception.”

The group of sergeants as well as the simulator were on campus all day Thursday and students were able to participate in the activity any time it was convenient for them.

“I thought it was a really cool presentation. I had no idea that the army was more than just shooting a gun and dropping bombs,” senior David Walker said.