Cold War era truck on campus


Kevin Erm

Junior Ethan Atencio next to his truck

Kevin Erm, Staff Writer

Driving a massive Cold War era truck to school sounds out of the ordinary to just about anyone, but for one student it’s just his everyday car.

Junior Ethan Atencio, drives a 2 ½ ton M35A2 cargo truck, a type of vehicle that has been used by the U.S. forces dating back to the Korean War to the current war on terror.

“I bought the truck from a guy that builds military trucks down in Liberty Hill named Jason,” Ethan said. “He did all the work restoring and now how it looks, it’s pretty much fully restored.”
The truck started out as a 10 wheel behemoth but was “bobbed” to 4 wheels and gets about 11 MPG.

“I drive around town, I go mudding in it, I go anywhere I want,” Ethan said. “It’s not hard to drive. It’s more difficult, but it’s fun.”

Ethan enjoys going mudding in his truck, one of the many things that the M35 was built to excel at.

“It’s cool and good at off-roading,” Ethan said. “When I go mudding it always does the job of getting me out.”

The truck went overseas once, but it is unknown to Ethan where the truck went.

But when you see a 7 ½ ton cold warrior on the road, know a fellow Viper is driving it.

“I hope I can keep it as long as I can,” Ethan said.