Academic Summer Camps

This summer LISD is offering academic summer camps for students of all ages. These camps are designed to prepare students for high school classes.

“All of these are taught by LISD AP teachers that teach that course,” social studies director Kip Harmon said.  “All of the courses are different and focus on different skills and strategies.”

LISD offers three social studies camps: AP Human Geography Boot Camp, AP US History Boot Camp and AP World History Boot Camp. In addition, Spanish language refresher courses are available.

“The one thing that comes to mind about the importance of attending these is that over the past few years teachers have said that students who have attended these courses have typically been some of their higher performing students in their courses,” Harmon said.

The camps focus on building note taking and writing strategies.
“Some work will be done on learning about the Free Response Question (FRQ) format that is a part of the exam for APHG,” Harmon said. “In AP World History students are introduced to historical thinking strategies and concepts. Activities will center on concepts such as continuity and change over time, eras or time periods, and ways to organize or categorize information.”

Students must pay $80 to attend the camps and transportation is provided. For more information, visit the Leander ISD website.

“I’m really looking forward to the APHUG camp,” incoming ninth grader Will Knowles said. “I think it will prepare me for high school.”