Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Lopez

Kelly Honts , Web Editor

1.       Please write a little bit about your life outside of school (pets, family, hobbies and activities, etc.)

My life outside of school mainly consists of traveling for club volleyball. My daughter plays for Austin Juniors Volleyball and we travel all over. This summer we will be traveling to Minneapolis for Junior Nationals. When we are not at a volleyball tournament I love to read (shocking I know) and I like to hang out with my dog Lou. He is an Apple Nose Chihuahua and is probably the laziest dog you will ever meet.

2.       What made you want to be a librarian?

I love information and information is everywhere. I enjoy teaching others how to use information more efficiently and effectively. I feel like library science is constantly changing therefore I’m always being challenged. I’m also a big technology person and library science fits nicely with technology. It also gives me a great excuse to read young adult novels. I mean I have to read them for my job right? No shame.

3.       What is your favorite part about working at Vandegrift?

The staff and students! Great atmosphere.

4.       What is one thing students should know about the library?

The library is open 24/7. Even though the doors are closed you are always able to access our resources online. Students can use databases to research, listen to audiobooks and check out eBooks through services like Overdrive.

5.       What is one fun fact about yourself?

There isn’t anything super cool about me I’m a librarian! I was once awarded a Life Saving Award for saving a baby. I was still in college and I happened to walk by a car with a baby in the back seat. My instinct was something wasn’t right so I called campus police. The baby had a body temperature of 107 and had I not called in, the baby would have died. I guess that is pretty cool J