Vandy Goes Viral

Katie Grace , Staff Writer

On April 19, after the Lady Viper soccer team won the state championship, the student section attempted to storm the field. In mid storm, a Georgetown Police Officer began to trip some students as they were running onto the field. Sophomore  Rohan Gupta, was sitting in the stands and decided to film the chaos. Later that night, Rohan posted the video on his YouTube account. As a result the video began to go viral.

“ Many news channels wanted to cover my video. The channels who wanted to cover my video were, CNN, ESPN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, KVUE, KXAN, Fox News, and KEYE,” Gupta said.

Not only did various news channels want to cover the video , but some news channels wanted to interview Rohan as well. KEYE, FOX, KXAN, KVUE, all interviewed Rohan about his YouTube post.

“At first I was nervous to be interview because I did not know what people would think. I did not know what it would be like to be interviewed,“ Gupta said.

As a result to all this attention, people all over the country have seen Rohan’s video.

“So far I have 280,000 views on the video I posted on my YouTube account,” Gupta said.